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Coat, jacket, something in between. Right now I am loving long cut blazers. They almost look like something you stole from your boyfriend, which ties in perfectly with all the boyfriend trend hype that is going on at the moment. I am not the biggest fan of the typical fitted blazer, which screams lawyer and banker. I prefer a more trendy approach to businesswear. Long blazers seem like an updated, more modern version of the original.

That piece of business clothing is perfect to amp up any daytime outfit. I like the contrast of a combination with denim and boots. Last month I bought four long blazers and I especially love this printed version from Zara. I am quite certain that it will not only work in summer, but will also go well with all of my autumn pieces. We will see.

To be continued. 

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Yes, a long blazer can make you look smaller. The long cut pulls everything down and can make you appear shorter than you actually are. And who wants that?

That is why I like to pair these kinds of blazers with high-waisted shorts, which always help to balance out your proportions. I make sure they end right at the hemline of the blazer, which is a good trick to appear a little bit taller. Additionally, you can always add heels to gain a few inches – obviously! 

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