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For someone who doesn’t work in an office, I have a pretty strong interest in anything related to business wear. White button-down shirts, tailored pants and blazers in any shape and form – give me anything structured! I’m the type who would rather wear one of these mini blazer dresses than to stroll around in a white floaty hippie dress with a flower in my hair. Nah, not me (sadly).

Businesswear makes you feel somehow strong, doesn’t it? It instantly gives you a girl boss attitude. However, sometimes it can make you look a little formal and stiff. That’s why I have created a modern business look to show you my best tips for keeping businesswear effortless and cool. 

Creating a Casual

Look with Businesswear

First: Sneakers. Isn’t it great how Scandinavian bloggers inspired us to leave our heels at home and wear sneakers for really any occasion? I love the sporty contrast they create when paired up with chic businesswear pieces. If I would have to choose, slip-on sneakers are one my favorite types. Their minimalistic design goes with pretty much everything.

Another thing I love to do for an effortless look is to grab a slogan t-shirt. I have already shared my mixed feelings about the slogan trend in this post, but they do work well with formal trousers like these black Mango pants I am wearing here.  

Third, go for trendy blazers. If you don’t like to look like a banker, don’t choose the traditional fitted navy blue design. There are so many amazing blazers out there right now. They come in striking patterns, bright colours and unusual lenghts. I immediately fell in love with this Topshop cropped blazer with red stripes on the side. That on its own is the perfect definition of modern business look!  


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