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There is something very rock ’n‘ roll about studs. Nowadays, these little embellishments can be found on any piece of clothing: coats, dresses, shorts, shoes. But before they became so mainstream, they were associated with anything anti-establishment, like the punk or goth scene. I guess that’s where the edgy association comes from. And although I am not necessarily the typical rock chick (in case you didn’t notice), I do love studded details to spice up businesswear.

Modern Businesswear:

Blazer & Studs

This oversized Woolblazer from Mango is one of my favorite things to wear on mild winter days. The streamlined cut is not only really comfortable due to the additional space, but also very trendy at the moment, as the unisex movement is taking over the fashion industry.

I love pairing these classic, slightly conservative pieces with something more exciting – like a studded faux leather skirt. Business meets pleasure!

Sadly, the Zara skirt I am wearing here isn’t available anymore, but there are so many alternatives to chose from. It seems like every brand is offering one of these at the moment – Find my favorite picks from low- to high end below!



Shop The Look:

Woolblazer & Studded Skirt 

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