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A few months have passed from starting this blog in 2017. I realised, you probably don’t know that much about me as a person. So now it is time to leave behind the initial shyness, open up and finally reveal more about my personal life. Well, a little bit more at least. Who knows – some facts might surprise you. I’m guessing it will be #4!

Fact 1: Heritage

I am half Italian and could eat pasta every single day – no Low-Carb diets for me! I still have family in Italy, in the area of Chieti. But I might add: Except for buongiorno and gelato, I don’t speak Italian, unfortunately. However, these are the two most important words anyway.

Fact 2: Switching Careers

Being interested in multiple things after graduating, I ended up studying nutrition. I might have been influenced by my family, as the majority of my family members are scientists. Although gaining a Bachelor of Science, I decided to switch my career three years ago to do something more creative – and studied fashion journalism/ media communication. While it was a tough change that shocked a few of my friends and family members, I never look back. Sometimes I miss the respect people showed me for being a nutritionist, as working in the fashion industry comes with a certain stigma. But you shouldn’t care about what others think anyway, right?

Fact 3: Family Situation

I have two older brothers, which may explain my slight weakness for old school PC games. I swear I beat anyone at Age of Empires! Nowadays, half of my family lives in the States and, because I am a family person, not seeing them very often is hard. On the other hand, it gives me the incentive to travel more. And having an American passport makes the whole process a lot easier.

Fact 4: Superstitious, me?

Fine, I admit. I believe in zodiac signs. A least a little. While daily horoscopes are shaky, the characteristics of the twelve zodiac signs seem to magically match most of the times – in my experiences. I’m a Sagittarius out of the book: very impatient, open-minded, adventurous, stubborn, independent. Always trying out something new. The one thing I hate: a standstill.

Fact 5: #Healthyfood

Due to health issues, I started eating plant-based/vegan in 2014. After two weeks, I was hooked – I never felt so good in my life! Sometimes I make exceptions. When traveling to the States last summer, my uncle made his famous Pizzelle (Italian biscuits), which were made with milk. Other than that, I found it pretty easy to stick to a vegan diet – you just buy different products. But I am not a missionary, I don’t preach. I have a very realistic approach to vegan eating and I am not into bashing others for being critical and not understanding the movement. As studying nutrition comes with a certain level of respect, I hardly ever get into discussions. And let me tell you, sometimes it makes things so much easier!


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