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Basically, there are two categories of slogan sweatshirts. It’s one of the two: Trying to be funny, or trying to be cool. You usually get one of these: „CHIC HAPPENS“, „GO CHIC OR GO HOME“, „PROSECCO MADE ME DO IT“, „GIRLS DO IT BETTER“, „LOVE ALWAYS WINS“, „SEE YOU LATER“. The best one I recently saw was a Mango sweatshirt stating „NOT TOO OLD TO BE A ROCKER“. Besides being a pretty amazing Fathers Day gift (hell yeah!), I never ever thought about actually buying one of these. Mainly, because I rarely see slogans, in which I don’t feel like a 15-year-old in desperate need of attention (no offense, it’s just me feeling old). Then I came across a sweater that made me reconsider. Karl Lagerfeld once said: „Only idiots never change their opinion“. So I thought I’d be wise and just go for it. Here’s why.



„AIN’T LAURENT – WITHOUT YVES.“ Will everyone get the ironic twist? Maybe not, but that’s what I actually like. It forces you to think. When the infamous French brand Yves Saint Laurent officially shortened their brand name, hardly anyone was getting it either. Especially, because they wanted to keep their YSL logo. I found out that Saint Laurent actually tried to forbid a Parisian boutique from selling the AIN’T LAURENT slogan shirts. Brilliant. Now I feel trendy and rebellious at the same time!

To keep the outfit sophisticated, I opted for a neutral color palette and simply added a red lip for a chic look. The jeans with a tassel hem from Zara complement the youthful look.

If you are ready to delve into the slogan sweatshirt trend, I picked a few of my favorite finds, which you can see at the bottom. A mixture of the cool and the funny type. Well, let’s be honest, sometimes they’re actually both.


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Slogan Sweatshirt & Tassel Jeans

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