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In 2018, many things are against you as a new blogger or Instagramer. The algorithm, the massive competition, the lack of support among like-minded people. I started my blog and Instagram page one year ago and trust me – I know what it’s like.

I have probably read every tip on the internet about how to grow a following. The positive: It’s still possible. The negative: it’s bloody frustrating! If you are a newbie blogger or trying to grow your fairly new Insta-page, this post is for you. 

It’s not about specific apps that help – I will cover that in a future blog article. It’s about the one thing that you need to make it: endless motivation!

As a studied fashion journalist, it made sense to have a blog. I started in the least favorable time: 2017 – one year after Instagram changed their algorithm to make it extra hard for beginners. Goodbye chronology, hello rank and status! It suddenly was all about numbers, not about time. The more likes you get, the more people see the photo. Honestly, I understand why they did it. Good content should be promoted. But the whole system is pretty unfair if you ask me. It’s not like all our favorite superstars publish only impeccable content. They just get the likes for whatever they post, because they are, well, celebrities. How is a newbie going to compete with hundreds of celebrity-accounts with thousands and thousands of followers? Become famous or go home! Ah, the frustration. But enough with the whining, let’s be positive.

The Blogger Mindset

you need in 2018

I don’t know how many times I quit. Sometimes it was just a week, sometimes a month. I stopped posting, fell off the radar completely. It was just too frustrating to put in so much effort, and getting barely anything in return. Nowadays, I don’t think like that anymore. Ever since I changed my mindset about the whole blogging situation and the Instagram game, I was able to sustain a consistent plan. It really is a game. And you don’t need to play the game, if you don’t like the rules. This is how I see it now: 

Forget the numbers. Just focus on producing high quality content, that inspires others. Your goal shouldn’t be to grow X amount of followers each week, but to stick to your individual plan. Whether it’s posting two times on Instagram, or writing three blog posts a week – just be consistent. Remember: When Aimee Song, Chiara Ferragni and all the other superstar bloggers of today started, they did it purely for the fun of it. For the fashion, for the photography, for the idea of expression. They didn’t even know how big the bloggosphere was going to get and that you can actually build a career of it. Sometimes I think we should all go back to that mindset: When Instagram was a passion, not just a business. At least that is what I remind myself of, when I get discouraged. In the end the winners don’t try harder, they just try longer. So let’s stop whining and focus on the fun to turn Instagram into the amazing thing that it is: A giant pool of constant inspiration. And that’s exactly what the motivation of a newbie should be: endless!


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