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We are all creatures of habit. That saying is so true! How many times do we get caught up in our day-to-day lives – work, workouts, life. So when something like Valentines Day knocks on the door, it is like a little disturbance. A good one, if you ask me. I know a lot of people, who are extremely annoyed by this special event. It’s marketing, it’s superficial, it’s pointless. Guess what, you’re right! I’m really not a romantic person, but I still think we need Valentines Day more than ever – but without the cheesiness, please.

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Valentines Day 


In the fast pace of our lifestyles, it’s easy to forget. I’m someone, who can happily work 12 hours daily – no problem (yet). That’s the problem if you love what you do. Plus, with my new job, I’m feeling even more ambitious. However, I’m not going to do that today – not on Valentines Day!

In our busy lives, we need every single reminder we can get, to think about our loved ones. You know, the things that really matter. People, not projects. Relationships, not responsibilities. In our busy lives, we need every single reminder to be grateful. It doesn’t even need to be a partner. It can be a friend, your mom and dad! Why be bitter about something called the feast of love? If anything, just celebrate yourself – there is something called self-love! After all, celebration is possible without gifts, no need to fall into the Valentines Day marketing trap. So for all you Valentines Day grinches out there – lighten up and go have some fun!


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