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Eyeliner smudging, foundation caking up, lips flaking: We all know the winter make-up blues. In the cold season, we expect certain things from beauty products. The weather condition comes with new challenges, which change our skin. We have all been there: You spend a good amount of time in the morning, putting on the best make-up ever – and then it starts to rain. Or the heating dries out your skin so badly that by the end of the day, your foundation crumbles away.

Epic fail!

I recently changed my morning routine and was able to fix a few winter-related problems. Let me tell you about my five go-to make-up products. None of the below are sponsored. Below, you will also see how they look on the face.

The Make-up Look

wearing all the products

1. NYX Eyeliner 

That’s the Point

There was a time when everyone and their grandma was using products by NYX. That has changed. Alongside all the beauty launches, I feel we all forget about the reasonably priced US brand. I myself rediscovered their products lately. Especially the NYX felt tip eyeliner was a total win for me. As I line my eyes every single day, I’m picky. This eyeliner seems to tick all the boxes: deep black, smudge-proof, easy application (at least for me). I used a Lancôme one before and am happy I found a cheaper alternative with better quality. I’m definitely getting back into NYX again!

Price: about 10 Euros. Get it here:,

2. H&M


„Dusty Rose“

You wouldn’t have expected an H&M beauty product here, right? I rarely see people make-up from the hip Scandinavian brand. Ever since I tried their creme blush, I was hooked. Usually, I don’t like the slippery feeling of a non-powder blush, but this one feels much drier. It’s easy to blend, provides a subtle glow and stays on all day. I couldn’t ask for more. Plus, the tone of this pink goes with everything.

Price: about 8 Euro. Get it here:

3.Lancôme Lipstick

Shine Lover

Brun de Coquette“

Finally! I found the perfect moisturizing lipstick for everyday use. In winter, my lips go crazy. They flake and the natural creases are so much more profound. Not a nice look! Lancôme brought out a line of lipsticks. They provide hydration and a lighter color payoff, which makes application easy. On me, they last a good three to four hours. I’m willing to accept the shorter wear-time because they leave my lips extremely soft and moisturized. If I can’t find my lip balm, I just throw on one of these. And that says something!

Price: About 30 Euro. Get it here:,

4. Yves Saint Laurent

 All Hours Foundation

This foundation is fairly new on the market. It has a really beautiful finish: You get healthy looking luminosity out of the bottle, which helps with dull winter skin. However, I would not classify this as full coverage – although it claims to be exactly that. To me, foundations like Estee Lauder „Maximum Cover“, or Kat von D „Lock it“ provide full coverage. Unlike these, the YSL version lets my freckles and hyperpigmentation shine through. If anything, it’s a medium coverage. I recommend this for dry and combination skin types (like mine), as it’s not extremely mattifying. For my skin type that lacks a bit of moisture in winter, it’s perfect.

Price:  about 30 Euros. Get it here:,,