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The weather is getting slightly milder – finally! My spring enthusiasm made me order a few fresh pieces to lighten up that winter wardrobe. Give me colour, I want open shoes! I was getting a little tired of chunky knits and heavy coats. So, consciously or unconsciously, who knows, I ended up indulging in some really trendy bits. I guess spring makes you eager to experiment – so does Topshop.

Spring Trends 2018:

The three trends you can find in this outfit:

first, belted blazers. As someone who usually loves oversized sweaters and jackets, cinching in the waist again seems like a revolutionary thing to do. I have already shown you in the previous blog post how I love to belt my favorite blazer right now. It’s even easier with this Topshop one, as it comes with a sewn-on wide band, which you can wrap around your waist. Loving the flattering shade of apricot, too!

Second, 80s shoes. Wow –  this trend is everywhere! Any brand seems to offer these right now. The characteristics: an oval cut pump with a pointed toe. I really like the comfort level of these Topshop beauties named „Gail„. Plus, the slingback style feels very secure, which is pretty rare.

Third, colorful bags. I’m really traditional when it comes to bags and prefer neutral colors. I just know I wouldn’t get the wear out of a bright neon clutch. However, this Coach bag seems to be the perfect compromise. The different shades of stripes provide the perfect pop of color, while the black base makes it suitable for many occasions.

So there you go – my favorite spring trends wrapped up in one outfit! What’s your favorite spring trend? Comment below and tell me!


Shop The Look:

Wrap Blazer & 80s Pumps

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