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Gucci Marmont: Velvet for Daytime

How to Style a Velvet Bag

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There was a time when velvet was just as cool as grandma’s pillowcase. Now,every it-girl wears it. Scrolling down my Instagram feed proves: Velvet is really back! And it’s officially cool again.

Skirt, dresses, bags – everyone has fallen back in love with the elegant fabric once only worn by the royals. I have a  crush on velvet, too. A pretty huge one. The object of my affection? A small Gucci Marmont bag in an incredible cobalt blue shade. Classy, feminine, Gucci! 

If you’re looking for timeless pieces, you’ll always find them at the Italian brand. Gucci is king – when you’re into a trendy touch of retro glamour. After all, that’s what Gucci handbags are known for.

gucci-marmont-velvet-3-1 Gucci Marmont: Velvet for Daytime

But no matter which brand you chose, an iridescent velvet bag is a statement. The heavy textile has always been a symbol for nobility, decadence and power. An association that’s stuck in our heads since the 14th century. Velvet was and will always be pure extravagance!

So, how do you style this pomposity for daytime and what do you need do know about the Gucci Marmont bag?

Voilà – here’s your velvet fix for the day!

gucci-marmont-velvet-2 Gucci Marmont: Velvet for Daytime
gucci-marmont-velvet-6-2 Gucci Marmont: Velvet for Daytime

“A velvet bag is always a statement”

Let’s be real. For quite a while, velvet had a pretty frumpy image. Old lady-chic at its best! Luckily, brands like Gucci updated that old outdated image by bringing velvet back in bright, fun colors. Pink, red, turquoise: The Gucci Marmont velvet bag is available in many fresh shades. I choose sapphire blue, as it goes with really anything. But I have to admit – that fuchsia is insane!

Let’s talk about practicality. I was worried, as velvet is known for being a little sensitive. But not every kind of this fabric is easily damageable. The Gucci bag is made out of thick chevron-velvet, which makes it pretty robust. So, no need to be extra delicate with this pretty little thing. 

The storage space is pretty decent, too. Although the small version of the Marmont bag isn’t necessarily deep, you can fit in all your everyday essentials. Phone, powerbank, lipstick, mini brush and a small wallet – that’s about it.

If you need more space, I would go for the „medium“ size instead. Or choose the tiny „mini“ version for a pretty evening companion. 

gucci-marmont-velvet-8 Gucci Marmont: Velvet for Daytime

Velvet Styling with the Gucci Marmont Bag

In my opinion, velvet is just as easy to style as suede. It’s semi-matte, vibrant look goes very well with knitwear of any kind.

Of course, velvet works great with other elegant fabric, too. My favorite pairing: Jacquard and velvet are the ultimate dream couple!

Both heavy textiles for the fall, both vintage, both classy. That’s why I had to choose my trusty jacquard skirt by Topshop to complement the bag.

Retro bag, retro skirt. All of this vintage flair needs a striking shoe! We don’t want to look too conservative, right? Put on a pair of overknees to break up the look.


gucci-marmont-samt-5 Gucci Marmont: Velvet for Daytime


Velvet, Jacquard & Overknees

350 Gucci Marmont: Velvet for Daytime

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