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Dry and Damaged Hair? What REALLY helps

Say goodbye to frizzy ends!

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Have you tried everything to fix your dry and damaged hair, but nothing worked? That’s how I felt one year ago. I bleached my hair, then decided I liked my natural colour better, just to realise highlights did look nice. As you can Imagine, this back and forth movement completely ruined my hair. I couldn’t brush it through anymore, split ends everywhere.

I tried and tested pretty much any hair repair products out there, because I was sure a pixi cut is not for me (yet). It took a while, but luckily, I found three amazing products to bring back shine and reduce breakage and frizz. Here you go!

haare-retten-1 Dry and Damaged Hair? What REALLY helps

1. Save Dry and Damaged Hair with Oil Treatments

Wet hair is really really delicate. It breaks twice as easy. It would be best not to wash it everyday, because then you don’t risk the extra breakage. Plus, some shampoos can be extremely drying.

But no matter how often you wash your hair, there is a little safety trick I did religiously. It’s simple, too. Just use a little oil as a treatment right bevor you wash your hair. I prefer jojoba oil, as it doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. But you could chose coconut oil or even olive oil for extra moisture.

haare-retten-3-1200x800 Dry and Damaged Hair? What REALLY helps

Put the oil on your dry hair and make sure to coat the ends. Wait for ten minutes, then wash it out and follow with your typical hair routine. The oil works like a protective layer and supports elasticity.

NOTE: If you have been doing these oil treatments on a regular basis, your hair can get heavy after a while. If that happens, just use these every second time you wash your hair.

2. Smooth and shiny : Alcina “Acid Conditioner”

Dry and Damaged Hair can get tangled up pretty easily. I remember how it took me forever to brush my long hair through every morning – 10 minutes extra, please. The reason for this is with damaged hair, the surface isn’t smooth anymore. That’s why it clings to everything and you feel the need to grab a brush every 30 minutes.

What really helps now is a conditioner with acidic properties. You want a low pH value, as it instantly smoothes the hair shaft.

haare-retten Dry and Damaged Hair? What REALLY helps

My favorite one is the “Acid Conditioner” by Alcina, but I’m not sure if you can get your hands on this one outside of Germany. You could also try an easy DIY lemon rinse, which also works amazingly at smoothing and removing product build up. I tried the recipe from the video below, but I would only recommend to leave it on for no longer than 10 minutes, otherwise it dries your hair out.

3. Hair Repair Secret: “Extreme CAT Treatment” by Redken

My hairdresser recommended the next product, which I still use nowadays for a special treat. The “Extreme CAT Treatment” by Redken is the only thing I found, that truely repairs your hair. It is not a conditioner, but a protein treatment that fills in small gaps in your hair that were caused by hair dyes or sun exposure.

haare-retten-2 Dry and Damaged Hair? What REALLY helps

The oil treatment is great to bring back moisture to your hair. But that alone doesn’t fix the real problem of dry and damaged hair, which is the loss of substance.

NOTE: With this hair treatment, it’s really important that you use it in the right order. First, you wash your hair. Then, you spray on the CAT Treatment, especially on the lengths. After that you MUST use a conditioner or a hair mask. Rinse after a few minutes. That way the protein gets locked in your hair shaft.

One last thing: I know that hair colour trends change and we all want to look trendy. But if your hair is really dry, don’t make the mistake I made and think about dyeing it again. It’s not worth to have a perfect colour but fried hair, trust me!

Give your hair a break and wait at least six months to a year before you see a hairdresser for a new colour. And don’t do it yourself – it will save you a lot of hair drama.

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